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Safety in Action – Cleaning Smart

September 13th, 2018 · No Comments

Practicing safety in the janitorial industry is a key element to consistent quality.  Working safely creates a positive work environment ensuring that cleaners feel confident in their actions and can return to work each day.

Promoting safety is something that we take very seriously at Tri-County Janitorial.  One element of this is our Safety Newsletter.  This newsletter assists in teaching and reminding employees about best work practices when it comes to safety in daily tasks.

Some of the most central things in working safely are small details which can easily be unnoticed.  This week we focus on Safety in Action through well organized and kept storage areas, proper actions when emptying trash, and equipment care.

Get carried away with safety

Safety in Action:

Storage and Organization

You might rarely think of a closet as a place to practice safety, but janitor’s closets or supply storage areas are the perfect place to start.  Well organized spaces remove potential hazards such as spilled cleaning products, tripping over misplaced items on the floor, or falling objects, by making sure that everything is correctly labeled, stored for safe, easy access, and secured when necessary.

That pesky little thing called trash

Trash removal, what could be unsafe about emptying the trash? … well, plenty.  Trash includes everything from that scrap of paper on the floor to the 30 gallon barrel overflowing in the lunchroom.  Lifting, carrying, and twisting injuries are some of the most common with cleaners.  Assuming a full trash bag weighs the same one day as it did the day before is a faulty idea. This incorrect thought could lull a cleaner into a false sense of security when lifting.  Unexpected weight and unprepared muscles are natural enemies.  Janitors must be aware of every bend, lift, twist, and hold when removing trash.  Not overfilling trash cans and proper lifting or carrying techniques are crucial.

Tools and Equipment

Tools and equipment are important resources in janitorial services; but, equipment that is not well maintained is a problem.  Regularly checking tools and equipment before and after each use ensures that they will do their job effectively.

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