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Attitude of Safety in the Workplace

August 4th, 2018 · No Comments





Safety is always the most important thing we do at Tri-County Janitorial. Here is a wonderful article I wrote in the spring of last year. Safety is the best way to enjoy the good life.

Attitude of Safety in the Workplace

Published on March 25, 2016
Mark L. Jones
Satisfying our customers with the best cleaning that can be done in the janitorial industry is the main goal of Tri-County Janitorial.
That can only be achieved by making safety the most important thing that we do. One misstep, one lapse in concentration, can have serious repercussions for everyone involved. That is why we make safety our top priority.
Our fundamental philosophy for doing this is complete awareness of ones surroundings and oneself at all times while on the job.
Janitors and cleaning staff have one of the highest risks for repetitive motion injuries. Repetitive motion injuries or injuries that happen from exacerbating an off the job injury occur mainly when there is a break down in awareness or a complete denial of the importance of any pain or discomfort. We train our janitors and cleaning staff to avoid these types of injuries by being aware of everything that they do. An awareness of and reaction to every feeling, by example if you feel thirsty drinking water, is of paramount importance. Any lapse in this can be met with severe consequences.
Company wide safety is achieved by significant discussion of this in an applicant’s pre-employment interview, observation of an employee’s actions during the training period, and frequent interaction with the employee about safety and awareness through their entire time of employment.
Our safety program includes safety articles tailored to our business environment which go out to employees twice a month, deliberate discussions of safety in almost every interaction with individual employees or groups, safety checks of our operations in each facility on a regular basis, and several safety meetings a year across cultures of the company – gathering managers, foremen, and janitors together to learn from each other and discuss safe practices.
Everything starts with the employee’s initial orientation when they make a commitment to be safe and act safe with specific focus on personal responsibilities and what it means in specific aspects of the job.
The attitude of safety which we require from every janitor, foreman, and manager in our company extends well beyond the individual. The personal foundation of safety is strengthened by interactions with other safety minded co-workers and supervisors. This foundation of safety allows us to then create a safe work environment for not only our own employees, but for our customers as well. The attitude of awareness towards safety emphasizes awareness of self, surroundings, and others; then, removing or communicating the existence of potential hazards to others.
It is the safe way in which our janitor’s work which allows us to clean our customer’s offices and buildings consistently, thoroughly, and effectively; while giving our customers peace of mind.

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July 11th, 2017 · No Comments

Mark had a great discussion with Austin Reed about janitorial services and all of the areas that Tri County Janitorial serves.

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July 11th, 2017 · No Comments

We at Tri-County Janitorial are pleased to provide quality, professional, janitorial cleaning in the greater Fresno area for offices, educational facilities, industrial, and religious institutions.

We are thrilled to have a staff that takes pleasure in a job well done and strives to give the best service we can offer. Each member of our staff is skilled, trustworthy, and dedicated to quality.  Whether they perform basic daily tasks such as vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and restroom cleaning or they are doing specialized tasks such as window cleaning, carpet extraction, or floor stripping, waxing, or buffing, they give their all to complete the job to the customer’s satisfaction.

This excellent cleaning staff is the core of our janitorial business and the foundation of our quality service.

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Kings River Flooding in Fresno County

June 21st, 2017 · No Comments


This is a panoramic view of some flooding on the Kings River, taken about 100 yards North of the Kingsburg Golf Course just days before a levee broke and the Kingsburg Golf Course was flooded.

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Celebrating 10 Years in Business

February 15th, 2016 · No Comments

Recently Tri-County Janitorial was privileged to celebrate 10 years in business. It has been and continues to be an honor to serve the cleaning and janitorial needs of businesses throughout the central San Joaquin Valley.

Reaching the 10 year milestone has encouraged us to reflect on the wonderful customers and staff who have been a part of Tri-County Janitorial’s journey thus far. We are thrilled that we have been able to provide quality cleaning services to customers consistently for the last 10 years as Tri-County Janitorial. Our longstanding customers as well as our newer customers have helped us to develop and grow into the company we are today.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each of the companies who have allowed us to serve their cleaning and janitorial needs over the last 10 years. We are grateful for each and every customer and look forward to the opportunity to continue providing quality professional cleaning services to them and many others in the future.

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Janitorial Business and City Chamber Look for New Banks for Kingsburg

March 30th, 2015 · No Comments

Watch this excellent video from ABC30 News:

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The Key to Successful Janitorial Services

November 27th, 2014 · No Comments

Two things most important to janitorial cleaning are clear, concise communication and keeping it simple. After all, how many times do you want to talk to your janitorial company in a month?

Things that help facilitate this are:

1. A simple but clear and complete agreement

2. A janitorial staff that cares and listens

3. The people that serve you with leadership from the top need to be less concerned with selling you something and more concerned with serving you.

Tri-County Janitorial believes that training is essential in providing the best cleaning services that you can get. Our management and entire staff is dedicated to making each business we serve our top priority. Our janitors are trained to listen to each customer and provide the individualized cleaning service that each business requires.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide this specialized service for your business.

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Tri County Janitorial Attends Kingsburg Depot Groundbreaking

July 1st, 2014 · No Comments


The owner of Tri County Janitorial, Mark Jones, attended the Historic Kingsburg Depot Groundbreaking ceremony.

In 2005 Mark penned a letter to the editor of the Kingsburg Recorder;

“We have a unique opportunity to restore a piece of Kingsburg history,” Jones wrote. “Don’t let this piece of history be lost forever. Businesses and residents of Kingsburg this is your chance to make a decision in Kingsburg that will last generations and enhance the appearance of Kingsburg from the road and rail.”

Tri County Janitorial is a Silver Spike donor to the Depot and takes pride in honoring historical places in all of the communities we serve.

via: Kingsburg Recorder

Kingsburg Depot

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Serving the Janitorial Needs of the Central Valley

January 30th, 2014 · No Comments


Tri-County Janitorial enjoys serving the niche of routine janitorial services nightly for offices and organizations of all types in the Fresno, Visalia, Hanford, Kingsburg, Selma, and Reedley areas.

We currently clean a broad range of facilities including heavy industrial, pristine office, religious institutions, medical offices, and educational facilities.  We would enjoy the opportunity to clean for any type of business or professional service which requires regular office cleaning or commercial cleaning  services in Fresno, Visalia, Hanford, Reedley, and the surrounding areas.

Our team is committed to the ideals of personal integrity, mutual respect, honesty, devotion to duty, excellence in service, promptness and dependability.

Please call us to set up a free quote!  (559) 977-8611

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Our Business Grows from Fresno to Visalia!

January 14th, 2013 · No Comments

We have cut costs and made changes that position us for new growth in 2013!

In 2012, we grew by 20% and continue to serve companies in the San Joaquin Valley with their janitorial needs.  We mainly serve Fresno, Clovis, and the highway 99 corridor down to Tulare and from Hanford across to the Reedley and Dinuba areas.  Because of our recent cost cutting we are able to go back to many of our former business proposals and offer our potential customers a 5% to 10% reduction in pricing!  We serve almost primarily business customers, cleaning after hours for them; we do serve a few customers through the day and can always work out day porter supplements to evening cleaning.

We are honored at the opportunity to continue serving our current customers into the New Year and are excited about the new possibilities to provide quality cleaning services to even more businesses in the year ahead.

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